Friday, January 21, 2011

Make money today!

Well, If you've found your way here, it means that you're interested in making some money. I know some of you have made your own blogs with the purpose of making a few bucks from adwords with varying levels of success. Let me present a quick alternative.

Varolo is a service that is completely free to use, and pays you for watching short ads, and referring others to do the same. Using a few simple methods (all within the site's terms of service) It's very easy to make at least a few hundred a week using the service. They also pay weekly by paypal. They are extremely flexible with the methods of promoting the site. (I have a few that work really, really well. and I'll send them to you on the site as soon as you sign up.)

To start simply go, Then click on user tour. After watching the video, the link to sign up is directly below the video.


  1. I came into the comment section only to see level85nerd to say what I was thinking. lol.